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After 27 years as Chair of Jewish Blind & Disabled, John Joseph MBE has stepped down and assumed his new role as Joint President

06 October 2021

On Tuesday 5th October, we celebrated John’s fantastic contribution to Jewish Blind & Disabled (JBD) with a small reception for staff, trustees and John’s family. Over the years John has been instrumental in the development of JBD from involvement with new buildings, overseeing key changes within the charity and supporting tenants and the staff team.

John has handed over the role of Chair to Marc Gordon and will join Malcolm Ozin MBE as a Joint President of Jewish Blind & Disabled.

Malcolm Ozin said: “We’re now about to embark on the building of our 10th project (having sold two on the way) and eight of these have been completed under John’s chairmanship. You’ve helped make us what we are today.”

Marc Gordon said: “What John has done over the years with Malcolm and the staff has been quite incredible. The commitment, dedication and passion that he has is clear for everyone to see. I will strive to uphold your values and continue to ensure Jewish Blind & Disabled continues to offer homes, support, purpose and a sense of security to those who need us.”

On John’s contribution to the community, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said: “No words can encapsulate the indebtedness that all of us in the Jewish community have for your monumental work as Chair of JBD. Valerie and I have witnessed at close hand your commitment and selfless dedication to helping numerous people in a vulnerable situation. So much of what you have achieved has taken place behind the scenes without any desire for thanks or recognition. You have been a true inspiration for so many people – thank you very, very much!”

For further information, please email natasha@jbd.org.

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