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What we do

Jewish Blind & Disabled transforms the lives of Jewish adults who have a physical disability and/or vision impairment through independent living and support. This is provided through our specially adapted mobility apartments located in one of our 7 unique, supportive developments or within their own home

Accessible housing

Only 7% of England’s housing provides the most basic features of accessibility making it suitable for people with disabilities. Sadly, as a result, many people with disabilities are living in unsuitable housing and not surprisingly, 38% of people who have a long-term physical condition also experience severe mental health problems.

However, there is help at hand and we know that having suitable, accessible housing is the key to being able to live an independent life.

Independent living

Our apartments are specially designed to enable people to do the everyday tasks that are key to living independently, in safety behind their own front door. All apartments feature accessible, modern fitted kitchens with relevant aids and adaptations and walk in shower rooms spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

24/7 on site support

Our house managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that you can relax secure in the knowledge that help can be on hand at the mere touch of a button. House managers also call round all tenants twice a day, should they wish, to check that everything is okay.

Extra support on hand

Our Tenancy Support Team provides additional assistance to tenants who require support with benefits, care packages, aids and adaptations. We strive to always treat each tenant as an individual and can modify apartments to suit specific needs.


Supportive Jewish communities

Although having your own front door, that allows you to shut out the world, is vital to being truly independent, it is also important to have the opportunity to socialise as part of a warm and welcoming Jewish community. Living in one of our developments gives our tenants the best of both worlds – enjoying the privacy of their own home when this is what they choose and participating in communal activities as and when they desire company.

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Our values

We are guided by our strong Jewish values of truth and integrity (emet), respect (kavod), fairness (tzedek) and kindness (chesed). Our behaviours demonstrate how we live our values. We will use these behaviours to:

  • Ensure we recruit people who share our values and can demonstrate the behaviours we seek to encourage in our staff team
  • Measure performance and identify support and development needs of our staff
  • Outline our expectations for staff, volunteers, contractors and others who interact with us. Central to this is our value of respect.