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Schools & Universities

Our work with schools and students aims to educate and engage young people about a range of disabilities and provide them with an understanding of day to day life for someone living with impaired vision or a physical disability

Raising awareness

We believe we have a role to play in helping young people understand disability and to ensure they see people beyond their disability. Our schools and university programme does just that as well as providing us with an opportunity to raise greater awareness of Jewish Blind & Disabled.

Primary & Secondary Schools

For primary and secondary schools either a representative of Jewish Blind & Disabled, a tenant or a teacher talks to the children about living with a disability and how a disability or visual impairment can impact on someone’s day to day life.

Teaching resources

A special teacher’s pack has been developed with the help of one of our tenants, a former teacher, before her disability cut short her career. The pack contains exercises and competitions so that the children can continue to learn and grow in their understanding of disability and its impact on everyday life.

University Students

Since 2020, we have been working closely with UJS and JSOC’s to raise awareness about the lack of accessible housing in the UK and to educate the students about the vital work of Jewish Blind & Disabled. Students are encouraged to show their support through volunteering, signing up to challenges, holding events or joining a young JBD committee.

If you would like more information about our School or University Programme call Abi on 020 4548 8678 or contact her by email.

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