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We are guided by our strong Jewish values and we recruit people based on our values of:

Truth and Integrity (EMET)

Do what you are supposed to do. Be accountable. Be professional.

Respect (KAVOD)

Treat others with respect and dignity.

Fairness (TZEDEK) 

Be fair. Be open-minded and listen.

Kindness (CHESED)

Show you care. Be compassionate and empathetic.

We are currently recruiting for the following roles: 

House Managers

Salary: Starting at £27,000 per annum, flexible days up to 35 per week

We are looking for non-resident House Managers to join our housing management team, working across our buildings in North West & North East London and Bushey in Hertfordshire. You will work alongside the resident House Manager and carry out a variety of duties including providing general assistance to tenants in case of accident or illness, maintaining records and encouraging and promoting social activities and events.

In keeping with our strong values of truth & integrity, respect, fairness and kindness, non-resident House Managers will be responsible for the delivery of excellent customer service, the security of the building and the welfare of our tenants. You must be computer literate, have good organisational skills, be a good communicator, flexible, a car driver and be able to work in any of our buildings. The role will include overnight shifts.

Full job description House Manager

Apply online here.

Any questions, call 020 8371 6611 ext. 603 or email recruitment@jbd.org