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Tenants Stories

Kane's Story

“My life has completely turned around since moving into a Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment. I am sleeping better at night because I no longer have to worry about what happens if I fall, or can’t manage the stairs.”

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Tenants at Fairacres

Louise & Harry’s Story

“…absolutely delighted to be at Fairacres and it was absolutely the right move for us at the right time. Over the years, we have made lots of friends here, we’ve seen a lot of people come and go and have a lot of very happy memories of wonderful people who we wouldn’t have met if they hadn’t been living here.”

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Daniel's story

“I knew about Jewish Blind & Disabled but I didn’t realise it was for people my age… If I fall over, I know that help is on hand… I’m much happier than I was before and my flat is so much larger than my previous one. I find people here are friendly.”

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Gillian, tenant at Cecil Rosen Court

Gillian's Story

“My glaucoma is getting worse, it doesn’t improve and I find it increasingly difficult to read and do some of things I used to do with ease. My arthritis affects my mobility and causes me some pain… The Zoom classes and activities have provided me with something to do and there have been some really interesting sessions.”

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