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Tenants at Fairacres

Louise & Harry’s Story

Tenant in Fairacres

Louise was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological disease in her mid-thirties. As her condition progressed Louise and her husband Harry were finding that their family home was no longer suitable to meet their needs. They moved to Jewish Blind & Disabled’s Fairacres 23 years ago and, as Louise explains, have never looked back.

Louise said: “It was always my intention that the move to Fairacres would be the move to our forever home. We have a good-sized one-bedroom flat and I’m in quite a large wheelchair but even for someone in a wheelchair or abled bodies, there is quite a lot of room.”

To this day, Louise and Harry are still “absolutely delighted to be at Fairacres and it was absolutely the right move for us at the right time. Over the years, we have made lots of friends here, we’ve seen a lot of people come and go and have a lot of very happy memories of wonderful people who we wouldn’t have met if they hadn’t been living here.”

Jewish Blind & Disabled has provided Harry and Louise with their forever home that they were looking for that met their specific needs and in in Louise’s words has liberated her; “Although I am ‘differently abled’ I don’t see myself as ending up in a wheelchair nor as living at a place for people with disabilities. Described in such ways implies a negative picture of despair, defeat and resignation. The reality is the absolute opposite. My wheelchair continues to be my very best friend and Fairacres, Jewish Blind & Disabled my liberator”.

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