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Gillian, tenant at Cecil Rosen Court

Gillian's Story

Tenant in Cecil Rosen Court

Gillian has arthritis and glaucoma and as a result, she was registered as partially sighted a few years ago. She said: “My glaucoma is getting worse, it doesn’t improve and I find it increasingly difficult to read and do some of things I used to do with ease. My arthritis affects my mobility and causes me some pain. In recent months, I have been feeling a bit isolated due to the pandemic but I am definitely better off living here than in my previous flat. Over the summer, it was nice to be able to sit on the terrace and be with people (from a distance.) I know quite a few people here and it will be great to be able to socialise when the lounge re-opens.”

Gillian moved into a Jewish Blind & Disabled development in May 2019. Gillian said: “I thought it was time for me to consider moving so I applied and got accepted. I liked the idea of moving into a new flat and my daughter lives in Bushey so made it easier. I was coping in my previous flat but I realised that it would come to a point that I wouldn’t be able to.”

As an avid poetry writer, Gillian has got involved with the Jewish Blind & Disabled creating writing group on Zoom (amongst others) and was recently crowned the winner of JBD’s Got Talent.  She said: “The Zoom classes and activities have provided me with something to do and there have been some really interesting sessions.”

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