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Lawrence's Story

“This time last year I was so concerned about what might happen to me. My frequent falls and failing vision were worrying for me and my family. Now, thanks to JBD’s 24/7 onsite support, I feel secure and happy.”

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I’d been diagnosed with macular degeneration around 20 years ago, and so things aren’t as clear as they once were. I’ve also got diabetes and recently had to have my toe amputated because of it, along with rheumatoid arthritis.

Last year, I started falling over for no obvious reason. I was very fit and took care to exercise regularly, enjoying my daily four-mile walks to the park. But suddenly I’d fall over, and once I fell, that was it – I couldn’t get up.

Once, it happened as I was crossing a very busy main road. I found myself lying in the middle of the road, thinking how did I get down here? Luckily, two people saw me go over and got me out of the road just in time. One of them walked me home, turning up a few days later with a bunch of flowers to check I was OK – people can be wonderful!

started to be concerned about what might happen to me. Not only that, my daughter, Lee, was also scared for me. She suggested I look at Jewish Blind & Disabled. At first I said no way – I’m too independent!

But as my falls became more regular, and my arthritis worsened, it was clear that I needed more support. Eventually I agreed to have a look at the Jewish Blind & Disabled apartments.

I’ve always been very independent, so I was a little wary. But when I saw the apartment, and Keren from JBD explained there’d always be someone there for me when I fell, I felt comforted. I knew I’d still have my own front door key and could come and go as I pleased. My apartment is lovely and was freshly redecorated just before I moved it, it’s got a wet room so I can get myself in out of the shower easily.

So I moved in a year ago.  Above all, I feel very happy here - I’m enjoying myself! I’ve got a group of friends and we have coffee together each morning, we always have a good laugh.  This has been an unexpected but great thing about moving in here.


And then I thought ‘Well I could meet some new people, it might even be fun.’ I’ve always been a sociable person – I’ve travelled all around the States and had many adventures.

I’ve also got a little ‘call’ button on a neck chain so I can call the House Manager any time I fall over, and they’ll come to me day or night.  I’ve fallen a few times since moving in, but the House Managers have really looked after me while we’ve waited for the ambulance.  I feel very good knowing that if anything happens, I’ll always be well looked after.

I’m really glad I listened to my daughter – and so is she! Please support JBD this Rosh Hashanah so that they can continue to support more people like me.

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