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Meet our Tenant Ambassadors

Neil, tenant at Frances and Dick James Court

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 and I moved into a Jewish Blind & Disabled flat three years later in April 2013 and everything changed for the better. Prior to moving, I was struggling to come to terms with the major change to my mobility. I am and always will be a positive person, but, since being diagnosed with MS, my whole outlook on life has changed. The community within the development is fantastic and moving here has made my disability a lot easier to manage knowing I have help on hand 24/7.”

Denise, tenant at Fairacres

“I have a neurological disease called multiple sclerosis, which gradually makes my body weaker over time. Luckily, I now own an electric wheelchair which helps me get about. Jewish Blind & Disabled has helped me to get on with living my life independently, but also knowing there is support on hand if I need help with anything. All the staff members are like my family now, as I see somebody every day in the building where I live and they know all about me, my children, grandchildren etc. I am very lucky to live in such a warm and comfortable building with JBD helping me organise my monthly bills and any problems I may have.”

Michael, tenant at Frances and Dick James Court

“I have encountered trouble with my eyes for many years, it started off when I could not see very well and unfortunately as time has gone by I now can’t see anything at all. After several years of not coping very well in my house, my sister came across Jewish Blind & Disabled and I moved into my flat in 2014. My flat is much better suited to my needs and I find it much easier to get around. I have many gadgets that help make my life easier and help me be more independent.”

Diana , tenant at Frances and Dick James Court

“I have various very rare conditions and I live my life in 24-hour chronic pain. However, I am a very big believer in feeling ‘enabled’ and am extremely grateful for the support network around me. This includes 16 years ago being given the opportunity to live in an adapted flat suitable to my needs within a Jewish Blind & Disabled development. JBD has helped secure me various aids including a wheelchair to get me from A to B and help me retain my independence.”

Trevor, tenant at Cherry Tree Court

“I have a disability originally caused from a road traffic accident when I was 33. Unfortunately, I had some damage to my spinal cord in my neck due to the trauma and so have to use a walking frame and have diminished hand function. But, that doesn’t stop me enjoying life. I love music, both listening and playing guitar (I’ve had to adapt how I play), I read a lot and I have also recently completed a full-length novel and have written a series of short stories.

To arrange a session at your school with one of our Tenant Ambassadors, call Jo on 020 4548 8678 or contact her by email.

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