About us

We are the only Jewish charity dedicated to providing a life of independence, dignity and choice for any adult, from the age of 18 upwards, who is physically disabled or vision impaired. We enable this independent lifestyle via the provision of state-of-the-art mobility apartments, with 24/7 on site support from our own resident house managers. Without these unique facilities many of our tenants would have no choice but to live a life of dependence on others, or even be forced to move into residential care often at a relatively young age.

  • About us

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    Our core philosophy is that every individual is entitled to a life of dignity, independence and choice. Our mission is to provide this life for any adult in our community, from the age of 18 upwards, who is physically disabled or vision impaired. Our state-of-the-art mobility apartments are located within modern, well-maintained custom designed buildings providing a caring, Jewish environment where our tenants can get on with their lives safe in the knowledge that support is always on hand 24/7 if required.
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  • History timeline

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    In 2019 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of when Cecil Rosen first started to realise his dream that neither physical disability nor impaired vision should be allowed to interfere with an individual's right to an independent lifestyle. Today we continue to fulfil this dream as we look to purchase land to build more of our unique and vital developments so that all those struggling to cope in accommodation that is unsuitable to their needs have the opportunity to live independently with the dignity and choice that are so easy for others to take for granted.
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  • Meet The Team

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    We pride ourselves on running a tight ship with a small team of dedicated professionals who ensure that your donations go where they will do most good. This team is supported by lay leaders who provide invaluable help and advice based on an involvement with the charity that goes back to its inception over 50 years ago.
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