Young Patron Campaign

Young Patron board

In October 2009 we launched our Young Patron campaign with a special event at 11 Downing Street. To date over 130 young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s have become Young Patrons, donating a minimum of £250 a year.

The Young Patron Board was set up in May 2010 with the object of raising awareness of the campaign amongst young professionals and reaching out to new Young Patrons.

Our Young Patrons are vital both to the charity’s future and to the future of the disabled and vision impaired in our community. £21 a month (or £250 a year) helps to pay towards developing our unique and vital facilities and by doing this our Young Patrons will make it possible for tenants to maintain their dignity in all aspects of their daily lives, as our shower rooms are specially designed to enable our tenants not to have to ask for help with what is an essentially private activity.

As a way of saying thank you our Young Patrons are offered exclusive invitations to our bagel brunches, where you they have the opportunity to socialise with tenants as well as with other Young Patrons, and to our special annual Young Patron main event.

We are very proud of the fact that a number of our Young Patrons have become personally involved with some of the tenants that they have met in this way, helping with various aspects of their lives and careers.

You can also influence the future of the charity itself as our Young Patrons are our future.

So please join us now and unlock the future today.