Our Tenants


We currently have some 360 tenants covering a very broad spectrum ranging from their early 20’s and encompassing an array of different disabilities including multiple sclerosis, Huntingdon’s Chorea, cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis as well as sight related disabilities and those disabilities that come with age.  We look forward to this number increasing when we have completed our next development of 30 apartments in Mill Hill East.

Living behind the front door of their own mobility apartment means that our tenants can enjoy the best of both worlds - the privacy that this affords them whilst also benefiting from the wide range of activities and warm community atmosphere that prevails in the attractive communal lounges and beautiful, well-maintained gardens.

By enabling our tenants to live independently in this way we transform not just their lives but the lives of their families too, as they can relax safe in the knowledge that support is always on hand if required, from our own resident house managers, 365 days a year.The fact that this support comes from a friendly face and can be summoned within minutes at the touch of a button is vital to the peace of mind not just of our tenants but of their families as well who are also enabled to get on with their lives without constant worry.

Thus a key to one of our apartments is genuinely the key to independence for all concerned, just a few of whom are shown below:

  • Joel

    Joel is in his late twenties, he was born with cerebral palsy and his parents were told that he would never walk or talk. His mother explains the impact that Jewish Blind & Disabled has had on all their lives:

    "Jewish Blind & Disabled has given Joel the independence he so richly deserves. They saw a potential in him that others overlooked, and for that I am eternally grateful. It has given us peace of mind and it enables Raymond and me to spend more time together, knowing that Joel is in a safe environment where there is always someone to assist. I cannot express, to you how having this apartment has given Joel a life I NEVER EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!”

  • Hayley

    Hayley moved into her Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment at the age of 35. Unfortunately her allergies and illnesses mean that there are many days when Hayley is too ill to leave her flat and she is extremely grateful for the fantastic support that she gets from the house managers, without them she would have to spend so many more days in hospital which she would hate:

    “There is no other option offered anywhere that is like the Jewish Blind & Disabled set up. Independence with help and support for the tenant and peace of mind for the family”.


  • Hayley

    Kane is in his thirties. Whilst still in his twenties he was diagnosed with multiple conditions that left him housebound and isolated totally dependent on his mother which made him feel as if there was no hope... until he moved into his Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment:

    "For the first time in over 2 years I feel safe and comfortable and that to someone I think is priceless. The house managers are friendly and approachable and happy to help with almost anything. I am making new friends, meeting new people and finally getting my life back."

  • Kane

    Denise was diagnosed with MS in her early forties and she struggled to cope in unsuitable accomodation for several years before discovering Jewish Blind & Disabled:

    "Until my disability I took my independence for granted but then I developed progressive multiple sclerosis and I was faced with needing carers for everyday tasks. From the minute we contacted Jewish Blind & Disabled my future fell into place smoothly and easily. I no longer had to fear being alone.Our wonderful House Managers are always on call with a smile and a kind word whenever needed, always going that extra mile!"


  • Denise

    In her mid-thirties Louise was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological illness from out of the blue. Over time, her condition gradually worsened until she ended up being housebound for nearly 15 years:

    "Once we were offered our mobility apartment our lives turned on a sixpence. We relocated a few months later and it felt as if our lives had been ‘re-booted’. Immediately we moved here, that constant feeling of loneliness and isolation which had been my daily companion, was totally alleviated. Moving to Jewish Blind &Disabled was one of the best things we ever did.  We were given the opportunity to restart our lives with an inner freedom that neither of us had experienced for many, many years."

  • Field Family Photo.jpg

    Adam's mother, Tracey, explained the additional pressure on her family caused by Adam’s condition which meant that his dexterity was severely impaired and on bad days he even struggled to get out of bed and had no strength in his hands at all. On those days he was unable to work or even shower himself as he felt so weak. Adam moved in to his Jewish Blind & Disabled apartment in 2017 and in Tracey's own words that change is immense:

    "The change in Adam is unbelievable.  He has total independence and is loving it. This move has made him so much more confident and happy. He absolutely loves his new found independence.  It’s definitely a new Adam!!

    As for us, his family, we are thrilled for him. Just knowing Adam is living in a safe environment, with help on hand 24 hours a day if needed, is wonderful.  Everyone there has been so kind and helpful to Adam. Family life has totally changed for the better, this opportunity has enhanced all our lives."