Wolfson Hillel Primary School Visit

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  • Louise & Danielle
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On Tuesday 21st June volunteer Louise White with her guide dog Pippin alongside Danielle, our Fundraising & Events Coordinator took their educational school programme to Wolfson Hillel Primary School.

Danielle introduced Louise & Pippin and gave a brief introduction to the charity and how it supports all our tenants to live independently.

Louise talked to the children about what it is like to live with vision impairment and demonstrated ways in which Pippin helps with her everyday life. Some of the children were allowed to walk Pippin and try out the various commands Louise had taught them.

The children were given goodie bags which included information about the charity, a competition to design an invention for Louise, a magnetic bookmark, a braille card as well as lots of other exiting goodies. 

If you would like Louise and Pippin to visit your school, please contact Danielle on 020 8371 6611 or email danielle@jbd.org