Sky Divers from our Leadership Circle raise £3,500

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A couple of months ago seven brave men and women decided to take on the ultimate challenge of a sky dive and in doing so have raised £3,500 for Jewish Blind & Disabled which is fantastic!

They divided into two groups one of which skydived on Sunday 4th August whilst the other group will be confirming their sky dive date in the near future so there is still time to sponsor their daredevil challenge. Click here to sponsor them now.

Craig Fisher explained “Daniel Cohen and I are both on the Leadership Circle and we have been trying to find ways of getting people involved with Jewish Blind & Disabled, offering something exhilarating like a sky dive seemed like a good idea at the time!We now have seven people, three of which had no previous affiliation to Jewish Blind & Disabled, jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet to raise money for the cause. The only problem is that Daniel and I have to jump as well!”

Jewish Blind & Disabled would like to say how much they are in awe of Jason Ozin, Vincent Licata, Mark Reed & Craig Fisher’s achievement and can’t wait to hear from the rest of the fabulous team how their jumps go.

If you would like more information about our challenges please email Danielle or call 020 8371 6611.