Mathilda Marks Primary School visit

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On Thursday 17th January Louise and Pippin, together with Danielle – Jewish Blind & Disabled’s Fundraising & Events Coordinator,visited Mathilda Marks school in Mill Hill.

Danielle introduced Louise & Pippin and explained exactly how Jewish Blind & Disabled help our tenants to live independently.

Louise then demonstrated to the children how she goes about her everyday life and explained the importance of having Pippin. The session was very interactive and some of the pupils were allowed to walk Pippin and use the commands they had been taught in the session.

Following our visit we receievd lots of lovely feedback including some thank you letters (see pictures). We also received a wondeful article about three year 6 boys who collected £48 in donations whilst shovelling snow off peoples driveways and cars in honour of Jewish Blind & Disableds visit with Louise & Pippin.

Jewish Blind & Disabled together with Louise & Pippin would like to thank the pupils at Mathilda Marks Primary schools for all their lovely thank yous and for raising £48. We look forward to visiting the school again very soon!

If you would like Louise & Pippin to visit your school then please contact Danielle on 020 8371 6611 or email