Can you imagine what it's like... it's like... to not be
able to bathe yourself?
it's like... to be unable to cook
without risking an accident?
it's like... to feel like you are living
in solitary confinement?
The evidence is clear, you can help tear down the barriers to independence.
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Bathroom Kitchen Front door

A Fantastic Achievement

Following a visit by Jewish Blind & Disabled to Hasmonean Primary School, young Dov Silas aged just nine years old decided that he wanted to raise money for the charity and being very good at skipping, he decided to do a 'Skipathon' to see just how many skips he could do in 30 minutes.

Amazingly the answer is 1,956!! And in achieving this amazing fete he raised nearly £600 for people with physical disabilities or impaired vision. We are so grateful to Dov not just for the money he has raised but also for taking the time and trouble to do something for people who are less fortunate than him.