Young JBD Pub Quiz

Young JBD's pub quiz at The Castle Rocks pub on Sunday 18th September is now sold out

Lunch with Jeffrey Archer

Our lunch committee proudly presents their lunch with Jeffrey Archer. Come and enjoy what the Ti...

Young JBD's 3rd Birthday

Following on from their sell out second birthday Young JBD invite you to celebrate their 3rd Birthda...

Young Patron Reception

This year's annual invitation-only Young Patron Reception will be at the House of Commons on Monday ...


For information on products and ideas to enable independent living wherever you are, click on the Empowering Ability tab in the navigation bar above to access our free online resource.

This new resource takes someone through a series of simple Yes/No questions in easy to relate to categories in order to identify their, or their loved one's, issues in order to produce a tailor-made report describing the products and ideas that can help them overcome the restrictions imposed by their disability. From making major modifications to your home to making a cup of tea, this resource can change someone's life by giving them back their independence and empowering them to manage for themselves.