Can you imagine what it's like... it's like... to not be
able to bathe yourself?
it's like... to be unable to cook
without risking an accident?
it's like... to feel like you are living
in solitary confinement?
The evidence is clear, you can help tear down the barriers to independence.
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Please donate now
Bathroom Kitchen Front door
  • House Managers

    Each of our buildings has two resident house managers so that there is always someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition to the 12 resident house managers there are also three permanent relief managers ensuring that cover is always provided by a known individual rather than using anonymous agency staff. 

    Our house managers are:

    Cecil Rosen Court

    Beverley Jeremiah & Jill Charles

    Milne Court

     Debbie Kenny & Mark Simons

    Cherry Tree Court

    Pauline Burgher & Phil Tyler


    Laura Richards & John Twomey

    Hilary Dennis Court

    Nicole Zelman & Craig Warren

    Aztec House

    Pam Browne & Iris Stefas

    Frances & Dick James Court

    Debbie Preece & Claire Maynard

    Relief Managers

    Sarah Hornsby, Derek Fisher, Chris Smith and Jag Lall