• House Managers

    Each of our buildings has two resident house managers so that there is always someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition to the 12 resident house managers there are also three permanent relief managers ensuring that cover is always provided by a known individual rather than using anonymous agency staff. 

    Our house managers are:

    Cecil Rosen Court

    Beverley Jeremiah & Jill Charles

    Milne Court

     Debbie Kenny & Mark Simons

    Cherry Tree Court

    Pauline Burgher & Phil Tyler


    Jag Lall & John Twomey

    Hilary Dennis Court

    Nicole Zelman & Sue Leff

    Aztec House

    Pam Browne & Iris Stefas

    Frances & Dick James Court

    Debbie Preece & Claire Maynard

    Relief Managers

    Sarah Hornsby, Natalia Harer, Chris Smith, Laura Richards and Rebecca Tarlow