About Jewish Blind & Disabled


Our core philosophy is that every individual is entitled to a life of dignity, independence and choice. Our mission is to provide this life for any adult in our community, from the age of 18 upwards, who is physically disabled or vision impaired. To this end, we are delighted to announce that in addition to our developments of state-of-the-art mobility apartments, we are launching a brand new Independent Advisory Service which will take our unparalleled expertise in enabling Independent Living to people who live in the community as well as those who live in our state-of-the-art mobility apartments. These apartments are located within modern, well-maintained custom designed buildings providing a caring, Jewish environment where our tenants can get on with their lives safe in the knowledge that support is always on hand 24/7 if required.

Living with Independence

We encourage our tenants to lead lives that are as independent as their disabilities permit. Over 40 years of experience means that each building is full of special features and thoughtful touches that are designed with unparalleled attention to detail in order to maximise each individual's ability to manage for themselves.

These special features include:

  • Wet floor shower rooms
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens
  • Call cords in all rooms with remote intercom
  • Easily accessible sockets
  • Keyholes positioned above door handles to facilitate the less dextrous/vision impaired
  • Wide corridors
  • Handrails in all corridors which are colour coded to facilitate orientation for the vision impaired
  • Level access to the building
  • Wheelchair charging room
  • Laundry room with machines at different levels for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users

Living with Choice

Although having your own front door, that allows you to shut out the world, is vital to being truly independent, it is also important to have the opportunity to socialise as part of a warm and welcoming Jewish community. Living in one of our buildings gives our tenants the best of both worlds - enjoying the privacy of their own home when this is what they choose and participating in communal activities as and when they desire company.

All of our buildings have beautifully maintained gardens and attractive communal lounges where tenants gather for informal get-togethers as well as for the many organised activities put on by our teams of volunteers. These include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Coffee mornings
  • Bingo
  • Quizzes
  • Birthday parties
  • As well as celebrations around the Jewish festivals

Living with Dignity

One of the problems often faced by those with a disability is that others cannot see past that disability to the person beneath. We strive always to treat each of our tenants as separate individuals whether this is by modifying their apartment to their specific needs, so that their individual ability to cope on their own is optimised, or by ensuring that 24/7 support is provided by our own on site house managers so that if help is required it comes from a friendly face known to the individual concerned.

The individual dignity of each of our tenants is also enhanced through the very fact of being enabled to live independently through a host of special features as described above.

Living with security

For both tenants and their families the prospect of living independently, whilst highly desired, can be very daunting. The fact that our resident House Managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year means that all concerned can relax secure in the knowledge that help can be on hand if needed within seconds, at the mere touch of a button. The house managers also call round all tenants twice a day to check that everything is ok, so even those who may have had no other contact with the outside world will hear a friendly voice each day.

Security is, of course,a two-way street with tenants needing to feel safe that unwanted visitors will be kept out as well as welcomed ones being invited in. Having their own front door unquestioningly enhances each tenant's feeling of security. In addition CCTV cameras record every visitor to the building and as this can be viewed in real time on the tenant's own TV they can ensure that access is only granted to people known to them.

Living with your family

Most of our buildings have some two bedroom apartments so that a family's individual living requirements can be catered for wherever possible. In addition to this each building has a guest suite so that family visiting from afar can stay over. There are also facilities for short term stays by overnight carers, for example after a stay in hospital where having a carer on hand 24 hours a day would facilitate speedier recovery.